Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Lainey is now 8 weeks old and Brayden is 2. We are doing well. Brayden is adjusting well to Lainey. He loves her as you can tell in the pictures and video. He likes to kiss her and play with her, but also does really well playing by himself. Enjoy the pictures and video.

Brayden loves wearing goggles.

Brayden's Matchbox Car Birthday Party.

Sam and Grant: Brayden's older friends!! They are so sweet with Brayden. They take care of him.

Brayden's Birthday Party.

First Official Bath

Going for a walk in the double stroller. We love it! Thanks Mom!

Such a sweet girl! This is at 2 weeks.

Brayden gives baby sister kisses.

Her first dress and bow picture shoot. My sister would be proud!

Brayden came to Blake and I as we were talking in the kitchen with Blake's backpack saying that he is going to the ballgame. The second video is a father/son rap session. Brayden provides the beat while Blake flows. This will be one to keep for the family home videos. The third video is Brayden thinking he is taking a picture with baby sister and cheesin. Enjoy!


  1. Love those videos! Brayden is hilarious in the kitchen, and the rap video is priceless! hope to see you soon!

  2. Us too! Love the videos. G & I just had our after dinner entertainment...thanks to Brayden!!!

  3. This was fun! Classic Bray Bray on the piano! Love you!